Where is Coran in Baldur’s Gate?

Coran is available from Chapter Four. He can be found standing at the middle of a bridge in NW of first part of Cloakwood. He will ask you to join his plan in bringing the governor of Beregost a ‘dragon’s head’, if it is accepted, he will join the party.

What is a safana?

Safana is a chaotic neutral human thief and a potential companion in and.

Where is the mayor of Beregost?

We can collect the reward just east of Beregost at the temple of Lathander. That is where the mayor of Beregost is to be found, as he is also the head of the temple.

What do Wyvern heads do in Baldur’s Gate?

In Baldur’s Gate II they can be sold to stores, but there is nobody who collects wyvern heads or uses it to make something, other than hunter trophies. Wyverns which are summoned by the 6th level wizard spell Wyvern Call will also drop this item if they are slain.

Is Kivan good Baldur’s Gate?

* Kivan – seems the best option right now, and I have him at the moment. The semi-decent strength means he can dual-wield longswords to good effect, and the reasonable dex keeps his Armour Class sensible. He can switch to a bow if required. But his hit points are a bit feeble.

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Will Kivan leave?

Kivan will leave after five days if you don’t complete the Bandit Camp and reach Chapter Four. Before v2012, the timer would only start if you force-talked him, so most people never saw this.

Where is Gurke’s cloak?

The Tasloi holding the cloak itself can be found in the first area of the cloakwood forests, in the bottom right of the map.

How do you kill the Wyvern in Baldur’s Gate?

Offensive spells. Using spells such as Flame Arrow, Acid Arrow and Agannazar’s Scorcher, can help to kill the wyvern more quickly, though those in Durlag’s Tower have a magic resistance of 35%.

What can you do with Ankheg shells?

Take the shell to Taerom Fuiruim at his shop in Beregost and he will offer to buy it from you. You can sell it for 500 gold, or if you refuse his initial offer you can get a nice set of custom Ankheg Plate Mail armor made (but can only do this once).

Who buys bandit scalps in Baldur’s Gate?

In the Enhanced Edition the only places that will purchase these are Feldepost’s Inn and the Nashkel Store. As they are weightless and stackable to 10, each dedicated inventory slot is potentially worth 500 gold – a substantial sum when compared to most other items scavenged in-game.

How do you get Ankheg armor in Baldur’s Gate?

You can find one set of ankheg armor at a farm patch in Nashkel (183, 2745), Slay an Ankheg and take its shell to Taerom Fuiruim at the Thunderhammer Smithy in Beregost.

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